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SICA 2020 Award Nominations Open 

Please nominate for the following awards for 2020 SICA:

  1. Fred Riggs Award for Lifetime Achievement
  2. Gould Scholarship Award
  3. Garcia-Zamor Best Paper Award
  4. Col Leadership Award

Fred Riggs Award for Lifetime Achievement

2017 Winner:

Dr. Ali Farazmand

2016 Winner:

Dr. Jennifer Brinkerhoff 

2015 Winner:

Dr. Evan M. Berman

Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor Best Paper Award

This award recognizes the author of the best paper presented at the International Riggs Symposium during the Annual Conference. The award was named after Professor Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor, a long-time SICA member. SICA has established a committee that reviews the papers presented and determines the winner of the award.

2017 Winners:

Dr. Can Chen (Florida International University)

Dr. Milena Neshkova (Florida International University)

2016 Winners:

Dr. Gerald Caiden (University of Southern California)
Dr. Palina Prysmakova (Florida International University)
Dr. Michelle Tandardini (Florida International University)

Jeanne-Marie Col Section Leadership Award

This award is offered to SICA members who have demonstrated strong commitment and active leadership contribution to SICA’s mission. It is named after Jeanne Marie Col and is presented annually at the Section’s business meeting.

2017 Winner:

Darlene Pierre-Louis

2016 Winner:

Dr. Jeanne-Marie Col 

David Gould Scholarship Program

The David Gould Scholarship Program offers graduate students in the fields of public administration, public policy, or international development with support to attend ASPA’s annual conference. Each year at least two students receive a nominal stipend and a free registration for the Workshop. The program is named in honor of David Gould, an active SICA member and long-time professor of public administration at the University of Pittsburgh, who was among those killed in the bombing of Pan AM flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, December 21, 1988.

2017 Winners:

  • Rashmi V. Chordiya
  • Mehmet Akif Demircioglu
  • Suparna Dutta
  • Brittany Scott Keegan