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Fred Riggs Symposium

Call for papers: ASPA 2022 Annual Conference
9th Annual Fred Riggs Symposium

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from Global Perspectives

Section on International and Comparative Administration (SICA) of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)

ASPA Annual Conference, Jacksonville FL, March 18-22, 2022

The Section on International and Comparative Administration (SICA) of the American Society for Public Administration is seeking abstracts and/or fully-formed panels for the ninth annual Fred Riggs Symposium to be held in Jacksonville, Florida, on March 18, 2022.

Title for this year’s  symposium is –Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from Global Perspectives – it  is tied to  the overall ASPA conference theme: “Democracy Under Threat: The Future of Equality in a Post-COVID World”.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the inherent inequities in developing and implementing public policies worldwide. The ongoing pandemic has shown how fragile health systems are in both the global north and south, in most instances leading to inequitable access to vital information and essential services. This has resulted in an emphasis on a global response to the ongoing pandemic and heightened efforts to address the lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in democratic governance and service delivery in all areas of government. This involves renewed focus on social and economic exclusion, racial disparities, gender disparities, disparities in education, health, environment, transportation, human capital, migration, and food insecurities. Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in policy-making and administration spans beyond technical or institutional change. It requires a shift in policy makers’ approach and thinking that embraces a culture of inclusion. This entails a system that values collaboration, differences, and a commitment to equitable practices. SICA encourages authors to think about ways that public managers/administrators can advance their understanding of cultural injustices and address them. Furthermore, how can they build a foundation of inclusive policies and practices to enhance citizen and governmental outcomes.

The papers can address the following questions and others:

  • How has global concerns to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion influence public administration?
  • What factors facilitate or hinder the design and implementation of equitable and inclusive policies?
  • What strategies have been successful in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in public institutions?
  • What kinds of key stakeholder partnerships can support or foster diversity equity and inclusion in policymaking and governance?
  • How do political and cultural factors influence equitable and inclusive policies?

The 2022 Riggs Symposium aims to explore these questions and consider how public administrators should respond to developments and challenges that public institutions encounter in implementing equitable and inclusive public policies. We seek papers and panels that address this topic in any national or comparative  context. 

Individual Paper Proposal: Please submit an abstract not exceeding 300 words, your paper title, and the affiliation of the author(s), and contact information for at least one author.

Panel Proposal: Please submit the panel title along with the titles of 3-5 papers and the paper author names, affiliations, and contact details. Each panel submission must also include the paper abstracts for each panel. Each abstract should not exceed 300 words.

If your paper abstract or panel is accepted, your full paper for the ASPA Conference is due one week before the conference start date (March 11, 2022). Accepted paper authors must register for the conference via the ASPA website. All full papers submitted for the Riggs Symposium will be considered for SICA’s Garcia-Zamor Best Paper Award.

Riggs Symposium Organizing Committee (2022)

Chair: Atta Ceesay, SUNY Buffalo State, US
Rumki Basu, Jamia Millia Islamia, India
Farhad Hossain, University of Manchester, UK
Naim Kapucu, University of Central Florida, US
Aroon Manoharan – University of Massachusetts  Boston, US
Jungwon Yeo, University of Central Florida, US

Submit your proposal for the Riggs Symposium here by October 29, 2021: Notice of acceptance will be given by mid-December 2021.